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I am very greatly impressed by the excellent work done here. This is the power house of Muslim hopes and aspirations and it will be my best Endeavour to uplift and improve its work.

Minister of Education, & Former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

M.M. Musthafa, M.P

I, as Member of Parliament for Pottuvil made an appeal that this Madrasa be registered and recognized by Government. The gratitude of the Muslims is due to the Honorable Minister because he at the meeting itself promised to register it.

M.M. Musthafa, M.P.,
& Former Minister of Finance,

M.A.M . Hussain

Visited the Institution today and took part in the convocation, a great endeavor in the part of the Management Committee. Organization deserves every encouragement. May the Mathrasa continue to serve the community.

M.A.M . Hussain,
Distrect Judge.

Abdul Wahab

I am very pleased to be with you to visit this College. I am deeply impressed with what I have seen particularly the devotion and dedication of everybody, the Present, the Principal, the Teachers and the Students. I wish you every success in your model mission of equipping your children with education and knowledge.

Abdul Wahab
Egypt High Commissioner.


Visited the East Ceylon Arabic College today in the company of Assistant Director, Mr.A.L.M. Hashim. Had a long discussion with the Principal, Administration and a few others regarding the needs of this college. I am happy to note this college caters to needs of the youths of this country. Now they are in the programme of putting up a five storeyed – building for the college, for which they need financial assistance. Every possible help by the Department would be much worth for them. May they go from success to success.

Director of Muslim Religious & Cultural Affairs,
Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Muslim Unit

M.Z.M. Malhardeen

I pray Almighty Allah for affording me an opportunity to visit this college today and engage in a useful discussion with the students. May Allah bless this college to produce thousands of who can glitter with dedication for the growth of Islamic knowledge all over the world.

M.Z.M. Malhardeen, B.Sc, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
Mathematics Department,
Yarmouth University,
Irbid, Jordan.